I’ve recently been watching Chris Rock make his promotional rounds for his new film Top Five. Various top 5 lists were thrown around during these interviews, with most of them being people listing their top 5 rappers. Being inspired by all of these lists, I…

TOP 5: Hip Hop Artists


February 27, 2014, was easily one of the best days of my life. From an accomplishment standpoint, I had everything that I thought I ever wanted. My friends and I presented our first two narrative short films The Crack and Regret(s) at a local theater…

Blog: Combatting Emptiness




1 Relegated to being a Negro, claiming Afro American as my nationality… Though Africa has never been a nation… Small details impale thoughts, we seem well though naturally ideologically derailed… Who are the countrymen of my ancestors? Those scriptures were long ago erased by fate,…

The ACTS: Chapter 1: Verse 1



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I was just browsing through old footage on my computer on one of my external hard drives and found this poorly shot footage from Thanksgiving of last year. My niece sort of steals the show toward the end of the piece, because she’s soooo cute.…

Appreciation in -Thanksgiving-